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Consider having your large mirror take up the entire wall above your sink to bring as much light into your bathroom as possible, for an expansive yet simple feel. 

Large mirrors are great for a small room because they have an expansive feel. If you’re not fond of mirrored walls this is a great way to achieve the same look. The key is working with a large mirror that brings additional light to the room.

How do you decorate your small bathroom? Please share with us your personal preferences below.

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The more metallic you use, the better and grander the appeal will be.

The idea of mixing metals is not something new, but it is coming in full force this season. You want to mix metals with a different undertone to make the room feel unique and personal to you without taking away from what you already have. Think of it as the new way of having everything you desire in one single space.

How do you plan on decorating your home for summer? Share with us your thoughts below.

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While it might be small its still an excellent item to have in your shower when you have some toiletries you need with you or when you simply need a space to rest your foot.

Look for a walk-in shower with a tiny corner to add a shower bench. Though it might be small, having a tucked shower bench will bring utility to the room. The bigger the shower the bolder you want your corner bench to be. Consider it a form of making the bathroom have a twist of comfort right where you need it.

Which of these are you interested in trying in your shower? Please share with us your ideas below.

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When seeking accents of pink to display consider using soft hues that won’t take away from what you currently have but will make the room feel as grandiose as possible.

Pink is here to stay, and it shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. The key is adding accents of pink in a bold manner. You want to have a large, daring pink piece in the room for that bold, bit of beauty added in the room. Pair with metallics to create a seamless appeal.

Which of these ideas are you interested in adding in your home? Share with us your ideas below.

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Even when working with hints of pink consider the idea of adding metallics to create a seamless balance between your selected colors.

When you’re interested in adding a summer impact with the use of a small change adding hints of pink is the way to go. Pink comes in an array of shades, allowing you to make the most of it even if you just add a few hints here and there. Display your hints of pink throughout the room to allow the feminine twist to make sense in the room.

How are you adding a twist of summer to your farmhouse décor? Share your ideas with us below.

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A simple Ergofocus fireplace will make a huge difference in the way the room is felt, particularly when you are working on having a classic, yet modern approach.

If you have never heard of this kind of fireplace before, do not fret these have essentially been on the market for a smart amount of time, plus they were mainly marketed for outdoor space. However, they work exceptionally well for the inside as well. This is mainly due to how beautiful and modern they appear from any and every angle in the home.

Which of these fireplaces are you most interested in? Share with us your ideas below.

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When going for a European style, consider the textures you enjoy most and place them around for a unique bit that feels modern to the room.

Thanks to Pinterest we get to see more images of what other places are using as part of their everyday lives and decorative items, which is where European inspired décor comes into play. This year we are looking at a big focus on what Europe has been doing for years. While most of these decorative items are the norm, for us, it’s the latest trend and we are obsessed.

Next time you are considering decorating or redecorating your bathroom, try one of these upgrades and share with us how much you like it below.

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When going for a narrow table, consider the size of it in order to create a balancing act between your decor and what you plan on adding.

Narrow tables are great when you have a smaller space between the wall and your bed. A narrow table will give you that sense of “normalcy” without taking away from the room. It allows you to have a lamp or smaller necessary items right where you need it.

Since these bedside tables bring a modern twist, which of them is your favorite? Share with us your ideas below.

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Glass doors work extremely well because they eliminate the breakage from the space.

Curtains Open up the space in an overall manner by removing your shower curtain. Instead of having curtains that restrain the room, and make it feel smaller, consider having glass doors. Glass doors, remove that heavy feeling in the room while giving you a seamless display. The idea is to have what you need without taking away from what you already have. Not only does it remove heaviness from the room, but it makes it easier to clean.

Does your small bathroom in need of a pick me up? If so, try one of these and let us know how it works out in the comments below.

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